How to increase your milk supply!

Hey mamas! Hey future mamas!

Curious on how to boost your supply! Then this post is for you 🙂

I love breastfeeding! It’s not only the most advantageous form of food for your baby but it’s wonderful for mama too! Breast milk is so nourishing for babies. It is loaded with nutrients and protective antibodies that help them grow and boosts their delicate immune systems and overall health from day 1!

But what happens when you can’t produce enough milk for your baby? When we aren’t producing enough breast milk, at least for me, our first inclination is to panic… but that’s the last thing we want to do. Stress can deplete milk supply more than anything else! So don’t panic. Know you’re not alone! All moms go through a period where their milk supply appears to be depleting, whether that be from the start, when they return to work, or just randomly!

It can be really discouraging for us as mamas and a lot of the time you just want to give up, because you feel like a failure and there is just no use. But I am going to share with you the best tips to help boost your supply, so you and your baby can continue to reap the benefits of breastfeeding!

The number one and most natural and effective way to increase your supply is your baby’s suckling- there ain’t nothin like it! FYI- breast milk production is all about supply and demand. Don’t worry if your boobies don’t feel full or think baby isn’t getting much milk at first, the sucking reflex will help stimulate more milk in the long run. So, anytime you can, especially in the early stages of life, bring your baby to you, and let them nurse, nurse, nurse!

When you do nurse, go skin-to-skin! Wrap a blanket around the two of you and nurse away. It is not only incredibly bonding for mama and baby, it also helps release more of the hormones that produce milk as well as the milk ejector hormones.

YOU HAVE TO get enough sleep and stay relaxed! Easier said than done with a newborn obvi but try as best you can. Studies have proven that us mommies produce more milk and have a better milk letdown when they are calm and relaxed. I’m a basket case sometimes so this is a personal challenge for me! 😉 Nap when baby naps. If you can – get a babysitter, a neighbor or family member to help out around the house so you don’t need to stress about chores. Cancel or eliminate too many outside activities and keep things simple. Order (healthy) takeout or better yet have friends or hubby cook you homemade meals in bulk for easy access to nutritious food! I always meal prep so I have anything and everything on hand!

Be sure to drink A LOT of liquids. I’m not talkin’ your typical 64 oz a day. MORE! I know we hear this all the time but it really does makes a difference. You can’t produce a liquid without consuming them! Shoot for AT LEAST 100 oz. a day!

As far as nutrition goes, many mamas have boosted supply by eating foods and spices that assist in production.

FOODS: oatmeal, barley, millet, quinoa, almonds, sesame seeds, and flaxseeds

SPICES: fennel, ginger and turmeric

SUPPLEMENTS: Brewer’s yeast’ moringa powder, Mother’s Milk tea, and fenugreek

Some great products to try are by Mrs. Patel’s!

I love this company because their goal is to support women. They believe food is medicine, and they strive to heal and nourish with their natural products. Their mission is to help you feed your child, and want your body to feel better and we want you to know that you are supported every step of the way! They’re not just a business, they’re a community!

Love chocolate and coconut? Me too! My favorite are the gluten-free and vegan chocolate lactation bars. They’re handcrafted and made fresh with over a dozen premium ingredients including fenugreek, which is an herb traditionally used for lactation!

The best lactation tea is the chai- which is rich and sweet! Warming cinnamon, clove, aromatic cardamom and rooibos, which is a sweet red tea from South Africa that provides vital antioxidants! CAFFEINE & FENUGREEK FREE! Each batch is mixed by hand and contains the highest quality ingredients.

The MUNCH CRUNCH is a versatile lactation sprinkle which helps with lactation and digestion. Tossed with turmeric and lemon, this savory crunch is an easy way to make any meal or snack lactation-friendly! Sprinkle them on yogurt, toss them into salads, blend them into smoothies, or just have them on their own! YUM!

As far as food goes, be sure you are eating enough to keep up with the demands of nursing. For exclusive breastfeeding, you should be consuming at least 500 calories extra calories per day.

Pumping can also be a great way to keep your milkies stimulated and produce more milk. I know from experience that consistent pumping really works! So immediately after a feeding, pump until all of your milk drains from both sides and then continue for an additional 5 minutes, even if there is no milk coming out- because the stimulation will still help. Aim for 15-30 minutes for each side. Milk production is often higher in the middle of the night (because you’re resting) so you may want to set an alarm and pump during this time as well. It’s hard, but it’s worth it!

Obviously a decrease in supply can happen if your baby isn’t latched correctly because your breasts may not be stimulated enough. Be sure to correct any bad latch habits but also be sure there are no anatomical issues that are preventing a good latch, like baby being lip tied, tongue tied or mama having any breast issues there as well. These issues can be fixed so baby and mom can be breastfeed successfully. If this sounds like you be sure to see a lactation consultant! There is no shame in that! I’ve seen quite a few in my day and you can learn so much!

If you have a sleepy baby that falls asleep before they finish nursing both sides, a technique I ALWAYS practice is as follows: a few minutes into nursing, switch baby to the other side. By doing this you you’ll most likely keep them awake to feed more. Keep switching back and forth when you notice baby starting to doze off or until both sides are drained. You can double feed, which means to nurse, take a break by burping baby, and then place them back on for another feeding session. By taking the burping break, you are releasing gas bubbles in their tummy that allow more room for milk!

I hope these tips can help you! And hopefully this info will help you increase your breast milk supply naturally, so you can be back in the swing of things in no time! 🙂

Happy Milking 🙂



My Second Trimester 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about what my first trimester of pregnancy was like. Those times back when I was trying my hardest to keep it a secret, but spending the majority of my days hugging the toilet… So today, I thought I’d continue along and share the details of my second trimester! 

The second trimester was a freakin DREAM compared to my first trimester. First of all, my fears of miscarriage started to fade. It was extremely comforting to know that the risk of miscarriage drops to 10 percent (or less) in the second trimester. I became far more upbeat and positive as a result of this knowledge!  



Sometime around week 14 or 15, the morning sickness started to let up. This had a HUGE impact on my happiness. Don’t get me wrong- I was really grateful to experience the nausea, as it reassured me that things were most likely going well. However, being sick most hours out of the day for months on end while pretending I wasn’t pregnant was tough, and I became a little down and out because of it. Second trimester was so much easier, though, and as a result, so was functioning as a human being!


I definitely wouldn’t say I became the stereotypical pregnant lady in terms of eating, but my appetite returned. And while I didn’t have too many cravings, fruits and vegetables were definitely my thing! 



Shortly after the beginning of my second trimester, I started to feel the baby move! At first, it just kind of felt like a little fluttering movement, but around week 17/18 I started to feel more significant kicks. Guys, it’s such a surreal experience, and it makes everything so much more… real!


I had a bit thicker and faster growing hair! It was a very welcomed change. I’d struggled with fine, thin hair for years, but my hair started growing during the second trimester, and it became noticeably thicker! Of course, it all falls out after the baby comes, but I’ve definitely been enjoying it. 😉

I’ve always been a belly-sleeper, but by the second trimester, you’re really supposed to transition to your side. Sleeping on your stomach becomes nearly impossible, as the bump doesn’t allow for it. This transition was SO hard for me! I ended up propping myself against a ton of pillows to help, so sleeping got a little easier… until week 26… where my 3rd trimester insomnia kicked in early!


I was taken out of work at week 22 of my pregnancy. My UC flare up was getting worse and my doctors wanted me resting to give my body every advantage to healing, especially while I’m trying to grow a human! I spent most of my time at home, snuggling my toddler, getting some things done I had been putting off, and just mentally preparing for this new babe to come!


During the back half of the second trimester, specifically after I was placed on house arrest by my doctors, I really started to “nest.” So basically, I started to freak out over the fact that construction on the nursery hadn’t started and I basically spent Arlyn’s nap times cleaning every nook and cranny of my house every day. As for the nursery, I continued to freak out until… last week, when construction started! Woohoo!


As far as workouts go, I’ll just say I haven’t done diddly SQUAT. No pun intended. Partially because I am supposed to be resting, and partially because the second half of my second trimester has been SO TIRING. I am not sure if it’s because I haven’t been sleeping, if it’s because I have a toddler to keep after, or if it is due to the blood loss/iron deficiency from my flare up. I am thinking it’s a combination of everything. My energy is just NOT THERE. And that’s okay. It gives me something to look forward to after baby comes!


Despite my knowledge of every pregnancy is different… I spent way too much time comparing my experiences to those of my first pregnancy, my family, friends and internet acquaintances, until I finally realized about halfway through that one size doesn’t fit all. Everyone is different, and therefore experience different “symptoms.”

Least favorite things about the second trimester? 

Contractions (started at week 27 this time around), seemingly sciatica pains, pregnancy-induced insomnia, and the huge Ulcerative Colitis flare up.

Favorite things about the second trimester?

I loved the small spurt of energy I gained for a hole there (or felt like I gained compared to the first trimester) and not falling asleep on the couch at 9pm every night.

Also, starting to feel my baby kick, which was amazing! Whenever I felt something I would get so excited and call my husband over to put his hand on my belly… and then nothing would happen. It took a couple weeks for my baby’s kicks to be consistent enough for my husband to feel them. Although it can get uncomfortable toward the end, it is such a cool sensation to feel him moving around in there. Even though I could feel the movements internally, I would pretty much always have one hand on my belly. Feeling him kick is really the best thing ever and probably my favorite thing about being pregnant! 🙂



Tips for the second trimester?
This is the time of the pregnancy that you are going to feel the most normal. Plan the baby’s room, put together the bed, decide when you will take off work and for how long – all those things that require a sane brain. The Second Trimester is the sanest you’ll be for a while. After that- it’s insane in the membrane for a long, long time. People call it pregnancy brain, but that’s just a nice way of saying “You are a complete and total basket case”. 🙂

The First Trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy is such an interesting time – there’s so much going on all at once. The excitement of creating a new life. The secret that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family. The anticipation of how much your life will change in 9 months time. There’s so much fun – the positive pregnancy test, the first ultrasound and seeing your baby’s heartbeat, sharing the news with loved ones. It’s undeniably an exciting time!  


However this time around, the first trimester was not fun and was really hard for me. I was not expecting it because my pregnancy with Arlyn felt like it was a BREEZE during the first two trimesters, but this one was rough because I was sick all the time! The nausea…the exhaustion…the indigestion…the lack of motivation to do ANYTHING. I lost weight in my first trimester because I couldn’t really eat anything. I couldn’t work out at all so I am sure some of that weight was muscle loss. I basically just wanted bread or tortillas for about a month between weeks 7-13. Then, the physical discomforts quickly turned into emotional ones… 

I hadn’t even considered the fact I would feel so badly this time around. I didn’t know it would take me away from my daughter and husband at all. It wasn’t Arlyn’s fault that her mommy was sick, had zero energy, and not always fun to be around. I felt like I was failing her. I had trouble playing with her for long periods of time and had even started crying a time or two while she was playing babies and wanting to crawl all over me. I don’t think she quite understood but I saw confusion in her eyes. Here she is, my sweet baby girl, trying to cuddle me and play but all I could think about was how uncomfortable it was for me to be sitting on the floor with her. It often felt that being at work was easier than keeping after a toddler – and work isn’t easy. In due time- I found myself able to power through it. I knew it wasn’t forever and that it would pass, and only helped to stay positive. 


Blame exhaustion, hormones, mom guilt, whatever, but it gets really hard to balance your own comfort and your family’s needs. It also can be very confusing to be both excited to be pregnant and feel miserable being pregnant at the same time. I obviously wouldn’t trade being pregnant for anything and yet, there are times I’ve wanted to throw up my hands and surrender…or run away from my own body.

I remember also breaking down in tears because all I wanted was to want chicken, turkey burgers, steaks, hummus and veggies. Hell, EVEN A CHEESEBURGER! It’s like I knew I liked all those foods, I knew how delicious it all tasted, but the thought of it made me sick to my stomach. Like, throw up sick. It’s kind of hard to explain, but if you’ve been pregnant before you likely know exactly what I’m talking about! 

Remedies? Well in my opinion, the foods you crave, or the foods your body feels it can “tolerate” just may be what our bodies need at that particular time. I believe in mindful eating. So if my body thinks the only thing that sounds good is a bean and cheese burrito, then I’ll take that as maybe my body needs extra fiber, fats, energy to continue growing a baby, and maybe even to gain some weight! Maybe it’s to soak up the hormones that make us want to vomit every other minute. Feed your body what it can tolerate during this time in your pregnancy, and don’t think too much of it. Trust me- it typically goes away after the first trimester! But remember, that bean and cheese burrito doesn’t necessarily have to be from Del Taco- you can get the same types of foods made with REAL ingredients that are healthier alternatives! 

Back to being sick: the way I would explain it to my husband, Chris,  or anyone else is that I felt like I constantly had a hangover but I never got to enjoy the fun part the night before…. ya know what I mean!? That would be the best way I can describe my first trimester: one long hangover. I kept questioning myself, “what did I get myself into?”  At times my “hangover” felt like the worst thing ever and all I wanted to do was lay in bed all day and night until it passed, but every now and then I would forget all about the pain, the nausea, the constipation, and the exhaustion. 

 Those times were during our visits to our Doctor when we would get to see our little baby!! That baby, our baby, makes everything worth it. I remember our first ultrasound appointment around 7 weeks. I was so nervous because I know that sometimes doctors don’t see the baby and see just an empty sac. I remember holding my breath, terrified that i wouldn’t see a baby or hear a heartbeat. But then I saw this little nugget appear on the screen with a fluttering heartbeat. I immediately teared up in relief and disbelief! It was incredible! This is what makes feeling miserable SO WORTH IT!



That being said, I will be honest- I always feel such a sense of relief when we see the baby at those appointments, and as soon as I leave the doctors office, a little panic sets back in. All i wanted to do is see the baby again and if you’re wondering, that is exactly what being a parent is like. Constantly worrying about your child/children. Or at least that’s what it feels like it’s been for me. 



Why the worry? Well, I am human… but I am also a high risk pregnancy, due to the fact I have Ulcerative Colitis. Women with a disease like mine have higher rates of complications during pregnancy, so I go see a perinatal specialist who keeps a special eye on the development of baby and I, as well as an OBGYN who also keeps a solid eye. Most women with UC go on to have successful deliveries, and healthy babies- which I have had before! So I wasn’t AS worried this time around, but the paranoia is still there. I am currently on bed rest/house arrest to ease my body into remission and stop the flares. I have been having a flare up for over half of my pregnancy, bleeding and all. I am hoping this extra rest and not working will keep my body strong to fight it down!  

Benefit to high risk? I get to see the baby 2 times a month! Average is about 3-4 ultrasounds per pregnancy. I’ve seen baby 10 times and we aren’t even in the third trimester yet! Since we see such experienced doctors so often, we found out in the first trimester that baby was a BOY, at 12w5d!


So I guess my point in this blog entry is to share more of my journey, and share that pregnancy has been a lot harder so far this time around than I thought it would be. There have been many tears. MANY. Tears of joy and tears from pain and tears from I have no idea what! But when something extraordinary happens in your life, it seems fitting that the road to get there wouldn’t be an easy one, right? 

So I hope you all continue to share this journey with me. Share in the good( our tiny miracle), the bad (sickness) and the ugly (the constipation). Yep – I went there! 




How We Found Out!

This is definitely long overdue! As I am currently approaching my 3rd trimester… but I wanted to share a little bit about my pregnancy thus far! My husband and I decided earlier this year, that we would stop “not trying” to get pregnant. We thought we would wait to add to the clan, but we thought “why the hell not!?” We wanted our babies close in age, we just bought a house, and my husband had begun his new career earlier in the year, making it financially viable to begin this next chapter.  So we stopped preventing!

Two weeks later I was so nervous to take a pregnancy test. My sister in law had texted me 3 days before, a picture of her positive pregnancy test and I felt discouraged because I didn’t think it would happen for us so quickly. But BOY was I wrong! My period app told me to take a test- but it was 3 days earlier than my “missed period” date. I thought “well that’s dumb” but of course I was curious so I did it. I peed on a stick! 

 I looked at the test- one of the ones where the line appears- and saw no second line. I threw it in the trash and thought “maybe next month!” About an hour later I went back in the trash and grabbed it and looked and I saw the FAINTEST SECOND LINE. I thought I was seeing things. I sent a picture to my best friend asking her if I was paranoid or if she saw it. I think she thought I was NUTS! I decided to take another brand of another “appearing line” test. I peed on it and that cross came up!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was doing all this with a 10 month old crawling at my feet and watching. So I packed her up in the car, ran to CVS, and we got that DIGITAL test. Took them both, and we got 2 more positives!



I had yet to share the news with my husband because he was at work and had a meeting with a client after. But I was way too excited. He knew I took a test but I had only said it was “inconclusive” so he wasn’t thinking I was pregnant.



I sent him a text that asked if he would come home before his client to say hi to us! I told him the baby threw something in the toilet and she clogged it… but I had actually placed all the pregnancy tests on the toilet seat. He walked in and saw the tests, and for a moment I was nervous because he didn’t say anything. He jumped out from behind the door and said “you took them!? Oh my god!!!!!!!” And tackled me in kisses. He was so excited, tears and all! 

We went to the doctor to confirm the tests- I was paranoid- as always. And we got a “definitely positive” with a cute little portrait of our soon to be babe, with a due date of November 11, 2017! 


Due to my Ulcerative Colitis, I am considered a high risk pregnancy. The inflammation can often cause pre-term labor, low birth weight, and some other complications, so the doctors keep a keen eye on baby an I. But there is a positive to that! We get to see the baby grow on ultrasound 2 times a month- as opposed to the typical 3 ultrasounds per pregnancy! We found out at 12 1/2 weeks we were going to be expecting a BOY! Let’s just say- my husband is more than ecstatic to be leveling the playing field! 💙

First Trimester Update will be up soon!

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Whole Food’s Anti Inflammatory Cooking Class

I am so blessed and honored to have been contacted by Whole Foods, in request to host a cooking demo at my local Whole Foods location in Laguna Niguel, CA on Thursday January 26th! The turnout was tremendous! I had so much fun teaching, and demoing recipes which included so many anti inflammatory foods- which I compiled together to create some superfood recipes! Pictures, recipes, and ingredient education is throughout this post, and I hope you enjoy! 

I will be hosting another, very soon! 
Inflammation is a naturally occurring process in our body. Basically, inflammation is caused when the body needs to heal itself – whether from injury, germs, or a paper cut. The problem with inflammation arises when it decides to target its own tissues. Whole-body, low level inflammation can be brought on by a number of factors including chronic stress, low activity levels, genetics, processed foods and poor diet, and environmental toxins.

The good news is that so many whole, tasty foods in our diet do a number on reducing negative inflammation.





  5. ENJOY!



Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, and is an excellent source of Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, fiber and carotenoids. Vitamin K is considered an anti-inflammatory powerhouse!


Cruciferous vegetables are the only source of sulfur-containing compounds called glucosinolates, which are responsible for their bitter flavor. Glucosinolates are digested into isothiocyanates that reduce inflammation and fight bacteria. The red pigment comes from a flavonoid, cyaniding, that functions as an antioxidant.


Ginger contains very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols, which stems from the oily resin from the root that acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger also helps promote regular digestion and metabolism of your food and is largely responsible for promoting a strong immune system.


Orange hue-d vegetables are rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene, both of which are trusted to fight inflammation. Cooking the vegetable increases the availability of these compounds.


Citrus foods such as oranges, grapefruit, lemon, and limes are rich in vitamin C – which is a necessary dietary component for the synthesis of collagen in your body. Lime is also a good source of inflammation fighting antioxidants, which are helpful for those with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, or ulcerative colitis.


Pumpkin seeds contain antioxidants like carotenoids and vitamin E (4, 5, & 6). Antioxidants reduce inflammation and protect your cells from harmful free radicals







Pineapple contains a mixture of protein-digesting enzymes called bromelain, found in its stem and fruit. Bromelain is noted to reduce inflammation and coagulation of blood, aid in digestive health, and be beneficial towards arthritis and stress fractures.


These tiny seeds support heart and brain health, while supplying a high dose of omega 3 fatty acids, which are necessary to assist in fighting inflammation. The benefits make chia seeds an anti-inflammatory superfood that’s a great addition to any meal.


Ginger contains very potent anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols, which stems from the oily resin from the root that acts as a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Ginger also helps promote regular digestion and metabolism of your food and is largely responsible for promoting a strong immune system.


Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. It is a strong anti-inflammatory agent which is a bioactive substance that fights inflammation on a molecular level.


When blood sugar spikes, it increases our risk for diabetes. You can wash down all your anti-inflammatory foods with a little bit of almond milk – as long as it is unsweetened. Added sugars increase inflammation in the body and increase the risk of disease.


Oranges contain beta-cryptoxanthin, a phytochemical that has been known to decrease the development of inflammatory conditions.



‘what’s in your stasher?’ Interview with Stasher Bags

Hello Everyone! 

Below is my interview with the one and only Stadher Bag company! I share how I balance fitness and motherhood, and how stasher has helped me live a healthier lifestyle.

Find the full interview here.

introduce yourself! 

my name is amanda and i am a wife and mother of two tinies! i am a health and fitness enthusiast who loves to educate others on how to eat well, while simultaneously enjoying what they’re eating, by creating and providing recipes that are to die for! i began eating whole foods only, when i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in 2010. ever since then i have been on a mission to rejuvenate my body, and heal through natural remedies —which means healing through what i feed, and don’t feed, my body! i am a 25 year old foodie fit mama, with zero lack of delicious (and nutritious) foods in my life!

how has stasher helped you live a healthier lifestyle?

stasher has helped me live a healthier lifestyle because i am able to easily store my favorite fresh foods in my stasher bag, in order to have healthy snacks on hand at any moment. they also help me help keep my kids loaded with their favorite snacks so we can avoid eating “fast” food!

as a mom of two, how do you balance your fitness routine with the responsibilities of motherhood?

i will be completely honest, it’s not easy. it’s extremely difficult at times, and there are times i don’t even get to go to the gym or participate in any type of workout at all! my family always comes first. however, i do keep myself organized and do my best to arrange our schedules in order for me to fit “me” time (workout time) into my routine! by staying healthy and fit, i feel i am able to stay strong enough to tackle anything that comes my way, including fighting off my autoimmune disease! when it gets busy, i will incorporate at-home workouts with my children, or we go outside and walk,play,jump, you name it!

what’s your favorite thing to stash in your stasher bag? your daughters’?

my favorite thing to stash in my stasher is my homemade sweet potato discs or fries, and my daughters’ favorites are endless! top three are avocado, apples, and emmy’s organics cookies!

best health/fitness tip for moms?

the best tip i can offer any other mom out there struggling with finding the best way to stay fit, is finding balance, as well as being at peace with the fact that sometimes you just cannot do it all! balance your work/home life, balance your diet with whole and nutrient dense foods, and most importantly balance the time you spend catering to your kids and catering to yourself. every mom out there deserves a trophy (or maybe a massage?)!

favorite stasher?

my favorite stasher bag is the pretty aqua color, because i am a sucker for a girly accessory.

what items do you always have in your fridge?

i always have kombucha, unsweetened almond milk, kite hill almond cheese, homemade baby food purée, fermented food (kraut in particular), and fresh organic veggies!

where can we find you online?

Instagram: @amandaaanicole_

Mommy & Me 💛

As a mommy to the most precious babe, I am always looking at the content of the products I use around her, on myself, and on her body. There are so many products and companies out there that include harmful substances in the products they promote to us that are supposed to go on or in our bodies. They do this to create products that are easily available for us to find and purchase, so we can essentially achieve whatever goal we have set to fix on ourselves or how we want to heal.

In other words, there are many companies that find the cheapest way to mass produce products in order to make a bigger profit. Not only do they do this with the food we consume, but with the products they expect us to put on our bodies, which also includes our babies’ bodies.

I have found many products and companies out there that I am against, and that I love! But one in particular I would love to share with you all is Weleda! Weleda is a multinational company that produces both beauty products and naturopathic medicines. Weleda uses only the purest ingredients for all of their products. They’re wild-crafted, organic, and biodynamic. They never add toxins, additives, or raw materials from mineral oils to their products, simply because these additives were not made for the purposes of caring for our skin.

Little do people know, flowers, herbs, fruit extracts, clays, roots and minerals all have healing compounds that work with your body’s own natural healing system, and these compounds assist naturally and effectively. I would never want to put any harmful products on my babies, so I began using Weleda!

Although I love all of their products, one of my favorite categories are those which include the white mallow ingredient.  The white mallow diaper rash cream is fragrance free and especially made for highly sensitive skin, and in my opinion, would include is all baby skin. This fast-working diaper rash cream, made with nature-identical, pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide, effectively relieves skin irritation due to diaper rash. It contains 86% organic ingredients, including white mallow extract to soothe sensitive skin, organic coconut oil, which moisturizes with a cooling effect, and sesame seed oil to help heal and nourish skin! 
This diaper cream works wonders and my baby LOVES it! She has only had one rash in her 8 1/2 months of life and I credit that to weleda and this wonderful barrier cream. 

Another product I absolutely adore is the products made especially for mommies, and that is the stretch mark massage oil! Weleda stretch mark massage oil is a nutrient-rich, all-natural oil that nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes skin as baby grows. 

Because pregnancy is a big job for your muscles and skin, it contains organic arnica flower extract to help ease tightness and discomfort and provide a layer of comforting warmth. Organic sweet almond oil delivers deep moisture and essential fatty acids that keep skin supple. A natural fragrance from pure essential oils relaxes and calms mom-to-be, while skin-strengthening wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, keeps skin supple as it stretches.

Regular use of Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil helps aid in the prevention of stretch marks on the tummy, thighs, belly and butt. And unlike conventional stretch mark creams and oils, this one is made with safe, all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about putting any questionable chemicals on your growing tummy.

I have zero stretch marks and my skin elasticity is back to normal! 

Click here to find this oil.

This is a real, non edited photo of how my skin was able to bounce back after my daughter was born. Taken 5 1/2 months postpartum! I still use this oil frequently, even though I am not pregnant!

Thanks for reading!