Meet the Fam

Mr. & Mrs. Connolly

My husband and I were married on October 25th, 2015. We began dating in 2014 but our love story goes beyond that. Before we actually got together, we had ginormous crushes on each other for the 2 years prior. Finally when the timing was just right, we fell incredibly hard for each other- and the rest was just history!



My husband, Chris, is 27 years old and thriving. He is an executive mortgage loan officer, always working hard to get to the next level! He is an amazing husband and father, always making our family his number one priority.



Arlyn was born on April 7, 2016.  She is the greatest blessing our family could have ever asked for!  Arlyn was a complete surprise addition to our family.  My husband and I had just recently gotten engaged, and were planning a wedding when we found out this sweet angel would be coming into our lives – a lot sooner than we expected! She is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet with a personality like fire.  She knows what she wants and she will certainly let you know it! Just like her mama 😉 We love you sweet Arlyn!


Bubby! Wyatt was born into this world on November 4, 2017. He is and has always been such an angel! He is always happy, smiling, giggling, and is a true blessing to our family! He fills our lives with so much love! My perfect little Wyguy❤️


Karly is our 4 year old chocolate lab! I’ve had Karly since she was 8 weeks old and could fit in the palm of my hand. She is only 49 pounds and full grown! We lucked out having a dog who stayed fairly “puppy sized” because we have small children. She protects her human sisters like they’re her own, always caring for them and ensuring they play safe. We are so blessed to have such a sweet and patient pup!

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