How to increase your milk supply!

Hey mamas! Hey future mamas!

Curious on how to boost your supply! Then this post is for you 🙂

I love breastfeeding! It’s not only the most advantageous form of food for your baby but it’s wonderful for mama too! Breast milk is so nourishing for babies. It is loaded with nutrients and protective antibodies that help them grow and boosts their delicate immune systems and overall health from day 1!

But what happens when you can’t produce enough milk for your baby? When we aren’t producing enough breast milk, at least for me, our first inclination is to panic… but that’s the last thing we want to do. Stress can deplete milk supply more than anything else! So don’t panic. Know you’re not alone! All moms go through a period where their milk supply appears to be depleting, whether that be from the start, when they return to work, or just randomly!

It can be really discouraging for us as mamas and a lot of the time you just want to give up, because you feel like a failure and there is just no use. But I am going to share with you the best tips to help boost your supply, so you and your baby can continue to reap the benefits of breastfeeding!

The number one and most natural and effective way to increase your supply is your baby’s suckling- there ain’t nothin like it! FYI- breast milk production is all about supply and demand. Don’t worry if your boobies don’t feel full or think baby isn’t getting much milk at first, the sucking reflex will help stimulate more milk in the long run. So, anytime you can, especially in the early stages of life, bring your baby to you, and let them nurse, nurse, nurse!

When you do nurse, go skin-to-skin! Wrap a blanket around the two of you and nurse away. It is not only incredibly bonding for mama and baby, it also helps release more of the hormones that produce milk as well as the milk ejector hormones.

YOU HAVE TO get enough sleep and stay relaxed! Easier said than done with a newborn obvi but try as best you can. Studies have proven that us mommies produce more milk and have a better milk letdown when they are calm and relaxed. I’m a basket case sometimes so this is a personal challenge for me! 😉 Nap when baby naps. If you can – get a babysitter, a neighbor or family member to help out around the house so you don’t need to stress about chores. Cancel or eliminate too many outside activities and keep things simple. Order (healthy) takeout or better yet have friends or hubby cook you homemade meals in bulk for easy access to nutritious food! I always meal prep so I have anything and everything on hand!

Be sure to drink A LOT of liquids. I’m not talkin’ your typical 64 oz a day. MORE! I know we hear this all the time but it really does makes a difference. You can’t produce a liquid without consuming them! Shoot for AT LEAST 100 oz. a day!

As far as nutrition goes, many mamas have boosted supply by eating foods and spices that assist in production.

FOODS: oatmeal, barley, millet, quinoa, almonds, sesame seeds, and flaxseeds

SPICES: fennel, ginger and turmeric

SUPPLEMENTS: Brewer’s yeast’ moringa powder, Mother’s Milk tea, and fenugreek

Some great products to try are by Mrs. Patel’s!

I love this company because their goal is to support women. They believe food is medicine, and they strive to heal and nourish with their natural products. Their mission is to help you feed your child, and want your body to feel better and we want you to know that you are supported every step of the way! They’re not just a business, they’re a community!

Love chocolate and coconut? Me too! My favorite are the gluten-free and vegan chocolate lactation bars. They’re handcrafted and made fresh with over a dozen premium ingredients including fenugreek, which is an herb traditionally used for lactation!

The best lactation tea is the chai- which is rich and sweet! Warming cinnamon, clove, aromatic cardamom and rooibos, which is a sweet red tea from South Africa that provides vital antioxidants! CAFFEINE & FENUGREEK FREE! Each batch is mixed by hand and contains the highest quality ingredients.

The MUNCH CRUNCH is a versatile lactation sprinkle which helps with lactation and digestion. Tossed with turmeric and lemon, this savory crunch is an easy way to make any meal or snack lactation-friendly! Sprinkle them on yogurt, toss them into salads, blend them into smoothies, or just have them on their own! YUM!

As far as food goes, be sure you are eating enough to keep up with the demands of nursing. For exclusive breastfeeding, you should be consuming at least 500 calories extra calories per day.

Pumping can also be a great way to keep your milkies stimulated and produce more milk. I know from experience that consistent pumping really works! So immediately after a feeding, pump until all of your milk drains from both sides and then continue for an additional 5 minutes, even if there is no milk coming out- because the stimulation will still help. Aim for 15-30 minutes for each side. Milk production is often higher in the middle of the night (because you’re resting) so you may want to set an alarm and pump during this time as well. It’s hard, but it’s worth it!

Obviously a decrease in supply can happen if your baby isn’t latched correctly because your breasts may not be stimulated enough. Be sure to correct any bad latch habits but also be sure there are no anatomical issues that are preventing a good latch, like baby being lip tied, tongue tied or mama having any breast issues there as well. These issues can be fixed so baby and mom can be breastfeed successfully. If this sounds like you be sure to see a lactation consultant! There is no shame in that! I’ve seen quite a few in my day and you can learn so much!

If you have a sleepy baby that falls asleep before they finish nursing both sides, a technique I ALWAYS practice is as follows: a few minutes into nursing, switch baby to the other side. By doing this you you’ll most likely keep them awake to feed more. Keep switching back and forth when you notice baby starting to doze off or until both sides are drained. You can double feed, which means to nurse, take a break by burping baby, and then place them back on for another feeding session. By taking the burping break, you are releasing gas bubbles in their tummy that allow more room for milk!

I hope these tips can help you! And hopefully this info will help you increase your breast milk supply naturally, so you can be back in the swing of things in no time! 🙂

Happy Milking 🙂



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