‘what’s in your stasher?’ Interview with Stasher Bags

Hello Everyone! 

Below is my interview with the one and only Stadher Bag company! I share how I balance fitness and motherhood, and how stasher has helped me live a healthier lifestyle.

Find the full interview here.

introduce yourself! 

my name is amanda and i am a wife and mother of two tinies! i am a health and fitness enthusiast who loves to educate others on how to eat well, while simultaneously enjoying what they’re eating, by creating and providing recipes that are to die for! i began eating whole foods only, when i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in 2010. ever since then i have been on a mission to rejuvenate my body, and heal through natural remedies —which means healing through what i feed, and don’t feed, my body! i am a 25 year old foodie fit mama, with zero lack of delicious (and nutritious) foods in my life!

how has stasher helped you live a healthier lifestyle?

stasher has helped me live a healthier lifestyle because i am able to easily store my favorite fresh foods in my stasher bag, in order to have healthy snacks on hand at any moment. they also help me help keep my kids loaded with their favorite snacks so we can avoid eating “fast” food!

as a mom of two, how do you balance your fitness routine with the responsibilities of motherhood?

i will be completely honest, it’s not easy. it’s extremely difficult at times, and there are times i don’t even get to go to the gym or participate in any type of workout at all! my family always comes first. however, i do keep myself organized and do my best to arrange our schedules in order for me to fit “me” time (workout time) into my routine! by staying healthy and fit, i feel i am able to stay strong enough to tackle anything that comes my way, including fighting off my autoimmune disease! when it gets busy, i will incorporate at-home workouts with my children, or we go outside and walk,play,jump, you name it!

what’s your favorite thing to stash in your stasher bag? your daughters’?

my favorite thing to stash in my stasher is my homemade sweet potato discs or fries, and my daughters’ favorites are endless! top three are avocado, apples, and emmy’s organics cookies!

best health/fitness tip for moms?

the best tip i can offer any other mom out there struggling with finding the best way to stay fit, is finding balance, as well as being at peace with the fact that sometimes you just cannot do it all! balance your work/home life, balance your diet with whole and nutrient dense foods, and most importantly balance the time you spend catering to your kids and catering to yourself. every mom out there deserves a trophy (or maybe a massage?)!

favorite stasher?

my favorite stasher bag is the pretty aqua color, because i am a sucker for a girly accessory.

what items do you always have in your fridge?

i always have kombucha, unsweetened almond milk, kite hill almond cheese, homemade baby food purée, fermented food (kraut in particular), and fresh organic veggies!

where can we find you online?

Instagram: @amandaaanicole_


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