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As a mommy to the most precious babe, I am always looking at the content of the products I use around her, on myself, and on her body. There are so many products and companies out there that include harmful substances in the products they promote to us that are supposed to go on or in our bodies. They do this to create products that are easily available for us to find and purchase, so we can essentially achieve whatever goal we have set to fix on ourselves or how we want to heal.

In other words, there are many companies that find the cheapest way to mass produce products in order to make a bigger profit. Not only do they do this with the food we consume, but with the products they expect us to put on our bodies, which also includes our babies’ bodies.

I have found many products and companies out there that I am against, and that I love! But one in particular I would love to share with you all is Weleda! Weleda is a multinational company that produces both beauty products and naturopathic medicines. Weleda uses only the purest ingredients for all of their products. They’re wild-crafted, organic, and biodynamic. They never add toxins, additives, or raw materials from mineral oils to their products, simply because these additives were not made for the purposes of caring for our skin.

Little do people know, flowers, herbs, fruit extracts, clays, roots and minerals all have healing compounds that work with your body’s own natural healing system, and these compounds assist naturally and effectively. I would never want to put any harmful products on my babies, so I began using Weleda!

Although I love all of their products, one of my favorite categories are those which include the white mallow ingredient.  The white mallow diaper rash cream is fragrance free and especially made for highly sensitive skin, and in my opinion, would include is all baby skin. This fast-working diaper rash cream, made with nature-identical, pharmaceutical-grade zinc oxide, effectively relieves skin irritation due to diaper rash. It contains 86% organic ingredients, including white mallow extract to soothe sensitive skin, organic coconut oil, which moisturizes with a cooling effect, and sesame seed oil to help heal and nourish skin! 
This diaper cream works wonders and my baby LOVES it! She has only had one rash in her 8 1/2 months of life and I credit that to weleda and this wonderful barrier cream. 

Another product I absolutely adore is the products made especially for mommies, and that is the stretch mark massage oil! Weleda stretch mark massage oil is a nutrient-rich, all-natural oil that nourishes, moisturizes and smoothes skin as baby grows. 

Because pregnancy is a big job for your muscles and skin, it contains organic arnica flower extract to help ease tightness and discomfort and provide a layer of comforting warmth. Organic sweet almond oil delivers deep moisture and essential fatty acids that keep skin supple. A natural fragrance from pure essential oils relaxes and calms mom-to-be, while skin-strengthening wheat germ oil, rich in vitamin E, keeps skin supple as it stretches.

Regular use of Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil helps aid in the prevention of stretch marks on the tummy, thighs, belly and butt. And unlike conventional stretch mark creams and oils, this one is made with safe, all-natural ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about putting any questionable chemicals on your growing tummy.

I have zero stretch marks and my skin elasticity is back to normal! 

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This is a real, non edited photo of how my skin was able to bounce back after my daughter was born. Taken 5 1/2 months postpartum! I still use this oil frequently, even though I am not pregnant!

Thanks for reading!