Homebuying Heart Attacks

Hello All!

My husband and I are currently on the road to buying our first home! Such an exciting time for our family. With such excitement comes LOADS of stress. And when I say loads I mean a giant heaping pile of brick falling from the sky. Finding the perfect home to purchase is not an easy task. It takes a lot of preparing and a lot of patience(which I totally do not have by the way). Learning how the home buying process works has been a complete learning experience. My father owns a few homes, and rents them out, holding them as investments for the future- so he knows what’s up. I however do not, and his savy home buying patient genes did not make it to me! I am the type of person who just wants to know everything now as well as get it done now. I hate waiting! But who likes it, really?

We have been preparing for this time for close to a year now. We got our credit in line and have saved a ton for our down payment! And to be honest that was the easy part. I am extremely good with my money and have always had extreme skills when it comes to finances. My credit is top dollar so none of this came as a challenge to me. So my husband put me in charge of getting us on the right track to be able to buy a home by our goal time of 2017. This is not an easy task especially in the midst of Orange County, CA. We thought about moving out of state and we were so close to uprooting to be able to buy much bigger on much more land in new up and coming cities, but we decided to stay local for the time being. (We will probably uproot in the near future if my husband’s job continues in the direction it is in!)

BUT WE DID IT! We saved enough for our down payment! We had previous savings as well as investments and just needed to get to that (giant) magical number! My husband and I both work full time and have salaried careers so between both incomes we were able to make it happen, FAST. But now what? Now we are on the hunt and trying to find the perfect home for our family. I keep trying to tell myself that buying a home is a huge investment and should be a decision you take your time with. But once again, I AM NOT PATIENT! My poor husband!

We have not yet found the perfect home for us, but I am starting to come to peace with that. When the perfect home arises, we will know, and we will get it. What is meant to be will be. Luckily we are renting right now so we do not need to rush to sell a home in the same time frame as we would buy. Talk about a stressful time period! We will be moving in November of 2016 regardless if we are moving into our “forever” home, or if we decide to lease another property.
Picturing our growing family in a house that my husband and I worked so hard for is a tear jerking thought. Being able to show our children the home we get to bring them into and call OURS is going to be one of the most exciting things we will do with them, besides bringing them into this world of course! Thinking about bringing our next baby across the threshold of our new home that they will know so well is another huge dream of ours. Tick-Tock biological clock, a new home means more babies 😉

As I continue to dream about finally holding the keys to our first home, unlocking the door, and looking at my husband in awe of how we made this happen, I understand that it takes time to make such a life changing event occur. We will never buy our first home again. We will never be searching for our first home again. We will never be going through this process for the first time again. As newly weds this is one of the most exciting things we could possibly do and for now I have decided to sit back, relax, and watch these incredible moments flood all of our lives. There is no need to rush.

“Nature does not rush things, humans do; when we rush things, we often miss the lessons nature embedded in it”
Wish us luck!